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2015-03-20 16:27:14 by curtisscifres

B-Lock is released and home the front page of newgrounds!  Please play today and keep it on featured games as long as possible!  Thanks to everyone who plays!  Expect more games soon and we will see you at Denver Comic Con!


-Cosmic Sky Games

A new phase.

2014-11-17 17:07:55 by curtisscifres

We have basically hit the reset button on Cosmic Sky Games.  We lost a lot of data on Protect the King so it will probably never be finished.  We worked about 3 years on that project and hate that we can't show it to the world.  We may just release the unfinished demo but who knows.  We have started a new phase.  Going to try and complete a few smaller games to get the ball rolling again.  Hope to see everyone in a few months with a new title!



New Era....2014

2013-11-26 17:20:42 by curtisscifres

Currently working on about 4 Projects. 2014 should be pretty exciting. Stay tuned.

New Era....2014

Diggz is Released!

2013-04-13 12:59:04 by curtisscifres

Continue the Battle Turtle saga with the new character Diggz! Play it on newgrounds today!

Diggz is Released!